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How to help 6 year old who is soiling herself?

"I have a stepdaughter whose mother is in jail. And we are having problems with her peeing and soiling on herself. She is 6 years old. We have tried everything."

Asked by Raina in commenting on the article, "Dealing with Stress":
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Wayne Yankus
Jul 7, 2010
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Dear Raina:

Check first with your pediatrician.  there are medical conditions that predispose to soiling and wetting day and night. If it is only night time, then it may be behavioral or if it is only daytime. usually children who are in regular kindergarten must be toilet trained. Has the peer pressure or school not worked?  By all means develop a plan with her teachers to take her to the bathroom more often for breaks. Most important is the medical examination  to rule out other conditions. If ruled out, then behavioral counseling will be helpful.

Best wishes for success. Stress being part of the family with chores and reward dry days. Be sure her dad is involved.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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Dr.Monika , Child Professional writes:
Stress may affect elimination patterns in children.  However, do not overlook a possibility of a medical condition and talk with your stepdaughter's regular health care provider.

Is she constipated?  Does she have an easy to pass bowel movement every day or every other day?  If not, she might be constipated what leads to leakage of the stool and soiling accidents.  Also, chronic constipation may lead to a bladder infection.  A visit with your stepdaughter's health care provider will rule things in or out and you will be able to help her with this problem.

Also, how is she doing emotionally?  Having a parent in jail is extremely stressful.  If she seems to be sad most of the time or cries easily and frequently, consider talking to a counselor.  

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Best regards.
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