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Anonymous asks:

How do I help my 6 yr old get over a new fear?

I six year old daughter had a friend over at the start of summer.  Her friend broke the door handle to a room she and my daughter were in by accident.  They were locked in for about 30 seconds before we opened the door but now my daughter is terrified of closing any door at all no matter where we are.  What should I do to help my daughter over this?  Thanks
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Aug 30, 2012
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So sorry to hear about your daughter's experience and new fear. The best way, in my opinion, to overcome this fear is to have her rehearse this difficulty with you in the room and another adult. Have her walk through the steps, talk through the strategies to resolve the situation and then practice these strategies.

You may need to do baby steps first. Such as locking a doll or a stuffed animal in the room. Also, show her alternate ways to get help, such as a window and how firefighters could help her if need be.

Hope this helps-

Louise Sattler, NCSP

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