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How do I get my 6th grade son motivated about school?

For the last couple of years I have had problems with my son (he is now in 6th grade) being honest about what his homework assignments are.  They are now using agendas to have the kids write down what their assignments are but to no avail. I have even had to go as far as having both myself and the teachers to sign the agenda but it still seems to not be working.  I have told him that I am more than willing to help him wherever needed but I have to know what the assignments are first.  This results in zeros for undone homework which has resulted in F's in his classes.  I am at my wit's end because I do not know what else to do to get through to him.
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ashita21 , Student writes:
Usually children who hide homework have some negative or unpleasant experiences related to school. While you continue reassuring him the way you have been so far, I think you need to find out what is it that makes your child run away from homework. Once you know what it is, it will be a lot easier to help him.
Some ways to find out what's bothering him:
Talk to him about how he feels in school.
Try and find out if there are any stressors related to school.
Note his interaction with his teacher and peers.

Bottom line: It is very important to ensure that your child looks at school as something fun, as far as possible.

I hope this helps you.
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