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What are your 6th graders study habits and how do you do homework together?

My wife and I are interested in hearing some of your 6th grader studying habits. Week days do you let the child do home work then play or play then home work? Or do you make your child so home work every day and no play time on school nights. I much to you get involved in the actual home work yourself.
We have a daughter that started 6th grade in a new school this year and she is bringing home low c's and this is not exceptable to me. I want her to least bring home A's and B's. Please let us know your studing habits as well as homework together

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vdancer writes:
These are good questions! &nbsp;My experience as a parent of two and a teacher of many is that children need some free time between school and homework, either to play or be on a team, or just daydream, even nap. &nbsp;It's important to have a routine, and a regular neat and quiet place for homework. &nbsp;Do some homework before dinner, have dinner, and then a bit more after dinner with a break of free time before bath and bed. &nbsp;Of course it helps a lot if there is no interference with any TV, computer or video at all on school nights. &nbsp;Some children have a hard time staying focused for long periods, so breaking up the homework into smaller pieces of 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, might help. &nbsp;Physical activity during the breaks can activate other parts of the brain that then support focused attention for the schoolwork. &nbsp;There is a system of activities called Brain Gym that might offer some ideas for helping get through the homework evenings. &nbsp;Worth a try. &nbsp;Good luck!<br />
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