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My 6yr old son doesnt mix well with groups, and suffers from temper tantrums.

My son from a young age has suffered temper tantrums for very long periods of time they are shorter now but still happen and he is 6. We blamed this on his age, etc but I feel at 6 they should have stopped by now, He also doesnt mix with the children in the street where we live he wont join in saying he doesnt like the games he just stands with his hands in his pockets or starts annoying them. He will mix reasonably well one on one but he still has to be in control most of the time. Every time he gets hit with a ball falls down etc he runs in hysterical and of course it is always someone elses fault never his he thinks everyone is against him. I also have to ask him many many times to do something. When me and him are playing it always has to be his game choice or no game choice at all, he wont let anyone show him how to do something he will make his own rules up. He also detests writing homework with such a vengeance he will throw a tantrum for well over 60-90 min trying to get him to write 20 small words for school. A lot of the time he is sad and nothing seems to excite or motivate him or if weve went out for the day and had a good time I will say something later like " wasn't that a great time today" and he'll reply " no or it was ok i suppose" etc. This is affecting the whole family me and my husband have  headaches and feel constantly sick with the worry and stress. He is alienating himself and we cant get through to him.
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Jun 23, 2010
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Sorry to hear about your struggle with your son.  You are right, temper tantrums at age 6 years are unusual, and if they persist, a further evaluation of the child's behaviors is needed.

Please schedule an appointment with your child's health care provider for an exam, evaluation, and referral to a neurologist and/or mental health professional.

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