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What do I do about my 7 year old's sudden change in behavior?

I has 7 yrs daughter.she used to go for music classses,drawing classes,enjoying playing with her
But suddenly she told her drawing teacher,i will not come for next class.
In music class also she start crying,said she don't want to continue.
At home also when i asked to go out to play with her friends,she says "no,i don't feel
to play."
why this is happening?What is the resone behind it?
I don't understand how to tackle this promblem.
wil you give me any solution.
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Boys Town National Hotline
I wish I could answer your question as to why your daughter is reacting this way, but what I can tell you is that you are the person that is in the best position to find out what is going on.  Here are some suggestions:
1.  Is there anything that has changed in her environment, people, places, etc.?
2.  Ask her why she is doing those things.  Find a time that you can talk to her without turning it into a big deal---driving in the car, cooking, etc.  If she denies that anything is wrong, ensure her that if anything is bothering her that she can talk to you.  
3.  Have you talked to other people that she spends time with-babysitters, teachers, other family members?  They might be in a position to help you understand what is going on as well.
3.  Does she have physical symptoms-stomach aches, etc?  Is she eating & sleeping well?  You may want to take her in to see your doctor if there are any physical problems.
Your daughter may just be trying to test her independence, or there may be something else going on.  As a mom it is great that you are taking notice of these changes and trying to discover why she is acting this way.  Hopefully you can get to the bottom of this soon!
Boys Town National Hotline
> 60 days ago

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