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My 7 year old son got 5 days suspension. Need a help!(1) This is the appealing letter to the superintendent. Please correct me if I am missing somethi

(Using force against, or inflicting or attempting to inflict serious injury against school personnel or school safety agents.)

The reason why I am writing this letter is to tell you what really happened.

My son was eating his lunch with other kids, and 4 of them were making fun of him. Because of seasonal allergy, my son was sick and his sneezing nose was bothering him. When he was picking his nose, a bully told other kids that he was a real disgusting guy.
The kids kept saying that he is a disgusting and dirty guy.
All my son did was to say, âStop doing that, you stupid.â
One of them reported to the lunch aid that [name removed by Just Ask moderator] used a bad language.
Without asking anything, the lunch aid put him on a separate table by himself in front of all the students in the cafeteria.
 [name removed by Just Ask moderator] wanted to go back to classroom, but it was not allowed.
The lunch aid yelled at him to stay where he was.
 [name removed by Just Ask moderator] put his head in his arms and was crying till all the kids left there.

My son,  [name removed by Just Ask moderator], wanted to go home to see him mom.
He walked out of the school. And he was on the street.
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May 24, 2013
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It sounds like the school failed to get to the bottom of the incident before it decided on a punishment. Your letter is fine as it is. I'm proud of you for writing it because you need to get to the bottom of this too. The lunch aid may have been up to his/her eyeballs that day, but that's no excuse for the way this situation was handled. In doling out a 5 day suspension is either being irrationally rigid, lazy or simply not able to recognize that every story (especially those told by one child against another) has at least two sides. Either way, they fail their students when this could have been a great teachable moment for all the kids involved. I encourage you to talk with your son about using strong language in the heat of the moment... This will give you the opportunity to teach him how to take some slow deep breaths (through his mouth if his nose his stuffed) so that he can regain some balance and not let others push his buttons so readily. I would also strongly suggest that you set up a meeting with the school principal about the incident and with the school counselor about any ongoing harassment your son is suffering at the hands of other kids.

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