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My 7 year old son says he saw God.

We had a death in the family 4 months ago. Since the my son has been very emotional. Today he told me that a few weeks ago he saw God coming out of his beroom. He said he was not scared at all, and that God was smiling to him. He has also mentioned that he has been having nightmares of me dying.
What can I do?
He is doing very well in school, he seems happy and well adapted. Should I worry?
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Nov 22, 2010
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Hi there,
It sounds like the death has triggered your son to start thinking about and exploring all issues related to life and death, including his own relationship with God and his understandable fears that you might die. I think it is actually a healthy sign that he saw God (maybe he did!) because it means that he is looking towards trying to understand how God may impact on life and death. His experience was positive, which means he can call on his feelings about God as a support system as he goes through this tough time. Kids who are raised to feel the support of religious values are found to be secure and emotionally healthy-so this is a good thing!

I don't think you should be worried, but you should talk to him about his fears and nightmares. Reassure him that death of someone your age is very unusual and is not likely to happen. This is also a good time to discuss your plans for who would take care of him if you were to die. This may be difficult for you to think about, but it is a matter of practicality for a child and can actually be reassuring for him to know. If you don't have this in place yet in a will, it's important to do it!
Good Wishes and Great Parenting,
Dr Susan Bartell
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