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My 7 year old son is not interested in reading at all.

He struggles with simple words, and gets very upset when I ask him to read to me. What shall I do? We have gone to book shops and he picks his own books, but when we get home he has lost interest, and makes all kinds of excuses not to read. If I try and make him, he cries.
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Allyn Anderson
Oct 3, 2009
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Going to the public library is an excellent suggestion; a library provides many choices and are free and easy to return if your child decides he doesn't like them. You might be able to find talking books there too; these are tapes or CDs that read the book to your child. However, always ask your child to read along, even if that means that someone sit with him to listen. But, don't stop there. Let him choose books and read with/for him. If he doesn't want to read, read to him. Read anything. Consider having your child help you cook; read the labels on packages, the recipe, etc. Or, do other things together that require reading directions. Read to him if the information is too hard. Or, read the Sunday cartoons together.

Sometimes kids will read along with you, if you make it a game. Start by reading one line then ask him to read the next. This allows you both to take an active part in reading. Also, let your son see you reading --- newspapers, books, income tax guidelines, anything. Seeing someone model appropriate behavior is significant for this age group.

Enjoy reading opportunities together!

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Sep 19, 2009

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Hi... since he is 7, i think its ok for some children not to be interested in reading. For e.g. I never was. You should keep encouraging him to read, but its best if you dont really force him. And when he does read reinforce him for that no matter how badly he reads. In other words, make his experiences with books very positive.
Also, what the other person said is good. Get him books with a fair sized font and start with books that have few words on one page. When he knows he can read those, he will begin to become interested in reading.
I hope this helps. All the best!

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