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7 yr old, 2nd grader not progressing in several areas.

I'm at my wits end! My 7 years old, will be 8 in July. PRESCHOOL: She began having issues right away in preschool. The teachers had an awful time. She was constantly disruptive. The teachers and I strongly believed she was NOT ready for Kindergarten, however the  Board of Ed said because of her age, she had to go and didn't qualify to be held in K. We had her tested for ADHD or learning problems, results were not strong enough to say one way or the other.  
In grade K, she crawled under tables, talked during class and was always sent to the office. The teachers remedy was to put her at a desk in front by the teacher and let her color in her little pony coloring book! She wasn't learning ANYTHING this way, so we pulled her out and began homeschooling & accomplished a lot from Jan to May.
Last year, grade 1 we had problems with following directions, direct defiance (with the excuse I didn't hear you, the cat told her to do it) [yes hearing has been checked]. She made reading progress & some basic math, but we school all yr long.
This year: can't tell time, understand money denomination, the beginning of the year she couldn't remember what the "+" and "-" signs meant in math! She forgets whats she's learned from one day to the next, can not follow more than 1 set of instructions, often will not flush OR wipe! I did some research and found an article on Oppositional defiant disorder & she has ALL of the symptoms listed. Her dr says shes fine-needs to learn its not all about h
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Due to the limit of 1500 characters I was unable to include as many details as I would have liked, so I copied and re-edited and posted it to my blog here:  Also since my post I managed to locate my daughters evaluation forms from Preschool and another evaluation from The Klingburg Center (behavior/mental disorders). I called The Klingburg Center and they are going to see us again. I thought I would need her Doctors referral (the one who thinks its just an issue of "its all about me"), but I didn't because we were already in their system from our evaluation last year. So the ball is rolling.
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From what you have written, you have the right to be concerned.  I would try another doctor.  I would request a full range of blood test to see if there is some kind of imbalance.  The doctor can check for any other physical problems, too.

I would also contact the school to see what services they can provide and testing they can do.  Also, check with your health insurance to see if they cover any private testing for her mental well-being.

To help with some of the social behaviors, read books that have characters that have similar social problems.  For example, if you want her to learn how to listen, there is a book called Listen, Buddy by Helen Lester.  After reading the book, talk about how the main character Buddy learns to listen.  Then when your daughter doesn't listen, review the story.  Go to your public library and ask the media specialist for other suggestions.

Stay on top of this and don't be afraid to fight for your daughter.

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