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My 7 yr old son is in 1st grade and is slow at reading. Does good in other areas, no behavior problems.  Teacher wants to retain him.  What do I do?

His comprehension skills are great, basic math is great, he even does well in spelling.  He is a good listener, gets along with his peers, and has no behavior issues in class. He just hasn't gotten this reading thing down yet.  Is that enough to make him repeat 1st grade?  We are in the process right now of getting him a reading tutor, who will work with him until he no longer needs the help.  I am struggling trying to figure out what is best for my child.  In my heart, I say "no" to retaining him.  It would crush his little self-esteem and I think he would see it as some kind of punishment.  I don't know what to do!!  Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?
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Apr 22, 2011
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk!

In my opinion, prior to any discussion of retention, you may wish to discuss or even formally request a multi-disciplinary psycho-educational assessment of his intellect and academic skills.  This will help to rule out any learning disabilities and determine exactly the kinds of difficulties he has with reading. It is not unusual for a child with learning challenges to have one area that shines (such as math) while another is difficult (such as reading).  There are many excellent methods for teaching children with learning challenges, whether they are diagnosed with learning disabilities or simply have a reading lag.  

Please feel free to look on this website for resources regarding delayed reading and learning disabilities.

Good luck!

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with my kids i made them read out loud. it helps to hear what words they are struggling on and when they are you are there to help them.
also it helps to have them read out loud, some people do better to hear what they are saying to help in memory, just because you read it does not mean u will remember it, if you read it and hear it its more of a repeat thing over and over and your mind tends to remember in more than one way.  if you try to make him read out loud he will know you are interested, always start with encouraging and reward with such things. when your child struggles say, thats great sound it out with me let you child think they are teaching you, if you go in say no no no its this or that or like this or like that they feel as if they failed. help with sounding it out with them break the words into smaller words if you have to break the word into small letter sounds so they add one letter at a time. that way they feel like a king or queen when they succeed. plus they also know mommy has all the help when they need it but remind them that they did it. children need tons of encouragement!!!

good luck!

ps with my son it took us weeks to perfect the struggling and sounding out theory, so i hope it helps you. i know with my oldest child he is always worried about everyone else, if he sees your frustation he cant focus on the task at hand which in turn makes you more frustrated, try to learn together, it creates a bond that is unbreakable!
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