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My 7yr old son wont do his school work.. He has been sent to the office several times for it..

My stepson is 7yrs old & in 2nd grade he has recently started to not do his classwork..   He makes decent grades in school & is not rude or disruptive..  He has been sent to the office several times for not doin his work or sent to ISS..(he says in ISS he can do his work better cause no one is talking)  They have even been taking away his PE time or recess & making him do his work during those periods.. He has said at times he dont care if he misses PE or recess cause he doesnt want to play at recess & he doesnt want to go to PE cause they make him run alot & the other kids r really ruff..  And his mother picks him up around 5 so he has almost 2hrs to do his homework in aftercare & most of the time wont do it..   I have a 15month old daughter & have gotten a divorce recently & my stepson stays with his mom & we share 50/50 custody with our daughter.. Wht do we do....
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Boys Town National Hotline
Mar 15, 2011
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We are sorry to hear that your son is struggling at school. Children are not always able to express themselves clearly and usually their actions speak louder than words. However, when your son said that he can do his work better in ISS because no one is talking there, he gave a very insightful clue as to what is going on! What your son is saying is that he can not concentrate in his classroom. There could be several reasons for this. There could be other kids in the classroom who are disruptive, there could be another child who is teasing or bullying him, and/or he is not able to work well in the traditional classroom because of an attention deficit issue or a learning disability and he needs a calmer environment to focus. These are just a few possibilities.

Please discuss your son's situation and your concerns with the school counselor and school psychologist. He may benefit from being tested for ADHD or a learning disability. It may also be discovered that more is going on in the classroom than your son is telling you. Try to work with your son's teacher and possibly develop a reward system for getting his homework done on time. If he can get picked up earlier from school it may also help reduce his stress level and then he could work on his homework at home. Two hours in aftercare on a daily basis is a very long time for a 7 year-old boy who is struggling at school.

Our Hotline is here to help you with any parenting issue. You can call or e-mail us anytime. We also have a website for parents with children of all ages:
Best wishes to you and your son. We hope to hear from you in the near future!


Cynthia, Counselor
Boys Town National Hotline
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