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Help with my 8 year old son with retaining and comprehending information/reading and math

My 8 year old son is having a hard time retaining, comprehending and memorizing. He had a bad experience with 1st and part of 2ND grade. The teacher labeled him one of the" bad kids", and was not interested in teaching him allowing him to walk around the classroom not insisting he do his work, ect. I had him tested and he did not have ADD/ADHD, he has a learning disability in cognitive perception, not severe enough to get help from the school. I need help trying to teach him his multiplication tables, it's as though he's not able to learn them like I did, he told me today, "I just have a problem remembering" is there anyone out there that can help me, with this, the teachers want me to get him retested and start him on medication. This seems so extreme, family is not very supportive and now I'm
at a loss, fighting my family and the school system. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. How can I help my son and keep his self confidence from being destroyed, which seems to be where we are headed?
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Mar 12, 2012
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk!

Most of us have areas of academic attainment that are strengths and weaknesses. For example, I am a visual learner while my one friend is a strong auditory learner.  Ask the school to help to determine with your assistance what is your son's preferred learning mode. (Some of us even need a multi-modal approach, too)

Then help to enhance his skill development by playing to his strengths. If he is an auditory learner then he can make up his own songs and record them for math facts, as an example. Visual learners often like hands on activities that are unique and colorful (such as blocks, puzzles and markers)

Here are additional websites and information:

I stumbled upon some websites that offer practice. Some have a nominal fee. does not endorse anyone product or websites in JustAsk, this is for information purposes only.

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