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My 8 year old boy gets distracted easily, tendency to talk a lot and cannot ignore what's around him during lesson in the classroom.

In his recent school report, most of the teachers emphasized on how he gets distracted easily during lesson, miss instruction and tendency to talk when he is expected to listen. I do not know how to help and what to say to the school. Please give me some advice.
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Jhmum writes:
Hi, my son is the same and I sympathise with you a great deal. Not sure if our boys are the same but my 8yr old shouts out answers a lot, talks a lot and fidgets etc.... he is a bright boy and i do wonder if he is slightly don't accept this as other bright boys act fine apparently... i try to get across that he's not other boys but they seem unable to deal with this...Teachers have now put him on his own work table which I have expressed displeasure at. The best thing I feel to do here is talk to the school...pick a teacher you and your son like if its easier than talking to his class teacher or the head teacher initially. I did this and was close to tears the whole time but once communication starts it gets easier... Get across that although you understand their point of view, this probably being that they have other kids to teach, you are really only concerned about helping your son and feel it important they work with you not against or separately to you. Would be very happy to discuss/chat further....
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