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 8th grader's proj is testing energy drinks, Monster, Red Bull, on perf. when given to a mouse. Is this safe for the mouse? Should they be dilluted?

My 8th grade son is testing the effect, if any, of the energy drinks Monster, Amp, and Red Bull has on performance. He is using 4 mice, one for each drink plus one with water for control. He built a maze for them to run through and is training the mice to know that there is a treat at the end. He will give them the drinks only an hour before testing, the rest of the time they are drinking water. Then, he will time them and compare times. But we are concerned that the drinks may be too strong for them? Should they be dilluted? If so by how much? We also don't want to lose the potency of the drinks. Thankyou.
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lkauffman writes:
Your son's project is very clever. I think that you are right to be concerned about the well-being of the mice, however. You should contact your local pet store and ask them if they have some advice on the effects of energy drinks on mice. Alternatively, you might look for mouse and rat breeders in your local area. They will also likely have extensive knowledge on the issue.

Good luck!

L. Kauffman, Ph.D.
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