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My 9 yo son was sexually and physically assaulted at school by a classmate for 2 1/2 months.

As a result my son obtained 23 brusies and abraisons. The same child that assaulted my son brought in a bullet to school and showed the class. The only punishment he received was 2 days in school suspension. He is now assaulting a girl in their class.

I have met with the ass't principals, principal, school board, school police, county police,state comissioners, state superintendant - and nothing is done - the child is still in my sons class and assaulting the girl. The school has a no tolerance policy. I was told by the county police that nothing will be done because they are kids and this is considered "forgivable" - Not acceptable - what do I do?

I called the local TV station and they will be doing a story on it - not exploiting my son but saying they have received reports of assault...How do I keep my son safe and stop this child from hurting anyone else???
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Boys Town National Hotline
Oct 21, 2011
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We think at this point it may be best to simply look into transferring.  If you have already tried to talk to this many different people and nothing is being done, than you may be fighting a losing battle and it will be in the best interest and safety for your son to seek placement at a different school.  This is probably a frustrating answer to hear, but it will be impossible to control the school or tell them how to mind this issue.  

If transferring is not possible, than perhaps you could band some parents together and all go to the school board together.  Many voices are stronger than one.  And in the same way that you band the parents together, try and band the students together.  They are the ones who have to live with this each and everyday and there is a lot of power even within the student body to make a difference.  If you can find a solid, core group of students who are leaders, they may be able to take up for those students who are getting bullied.  They are may have some ideas about how to effectively monitor and intervene in these situations.  You could also have the students address the administration.  

We wish you well on what has sounded like a difficult and stressful journey.  Please continue to problem solve and stay strong.

Counselor, Dominic
Boys Town National Hotline-A resource for parents and teens

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