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How can I help my 9 yr. old son to concentrate in school.

How can I help my 9 yr. old son to concentrate in school. His teacher tells me that he gets distracted really quick, specially when they have a test, he doesn't focus, he wonders a lot, he turns around to see what the other kids are doing and when he sees everybody turn in the test, he finishes real quick and fails. When teacher asked him to re-do it, he does good. She tells me that his problem is concentration and distraction.
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Jan 22, 2012
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk,

It would appear that the concerns you have regarding your sons ability to attend in class may warrant the need for a formal meeting with the staff that serves his educational needs to try and figure out if these behaviors are typical or cause for further study. The team, with your assistance, will help to determine if the inattention  and distractible behaviors are impeding his ability to learn as compared to age and grade peers.  They also may suggest some outside consultations, such as with his pediatrician or to have his vision and hearing checked.

There are many reasons why children can become off task within a classroom. Hopefully with everyone's input and perhaps further investigation - a plan can be put in place to help your son within the classroom.

Hope this helps-

Louise Sattler, Psychologist

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Lori4sustai... writes:
My now 12yr old son was 2 when I noticed his focus "wandering".  I've been thru many theories as to what is going on.  He was diagnosed with ADD, which is about as helpful as a Dr. saying "you're sick" and it could be anything from cancer to a cold.  I personally have issues with "medications" although we tried them.  I am a stubborn mom who accepts nothing but what's best and fair.  Turning to diet, I found massive differences in his abilities after removing foods that can not be picked or shot.  Actually, found many changes in all members of the family when I removed preservatives, artificial color and insisted on large amounts of water consumption and daily intake of vit and minerals.  Fish oil also is necessary for cognative function.  I have read many hours on nutrition, brain function, optical information exchange between the eye and the brain, ADD, assistive technology, etc.  
There are many things the school can do for you and your child.  You can submit a written request that the school evaluate your child.  It's as simple as that.  By law, they must assemble a team and conclude with your input and that of the teacher(s) what the child's issues are and test appropriately.  It's the begining, but in no sense an answer.

There are many resons for lack of focus.  First ask yourself, why would you lose focus in a 3 hour meeting?  Don't want to be there, distractions from other folks, just ate, don't care, there are many reasons.  Observe your child in the classroom, sometimes that in itself is destracting...
Food, (and I can't stress food enough, folks fill their cars with PROPER fuel, but they fall very short on filling themselves with what they need), Lack of interestring material/teaching, etc.  Once it is determined the outside factors are the cause, ask the teacher to accomidate.  If the outside factors are not the issue, a well run evaluation will most likely show what is going on.

Your question is simple and you are wise to ask and take care of it.
There are so may possibilities and it may take yourself, your child, the school, a nutritionist, and dare I say your Dr's help to find the reason.

As for me, I was always thrown out of the class that followed lunch.  I giggled too much at the teachers lisp.  I was also loaded up with sugar that I consumed 20 minutes prior!!  :)
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