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what should I do with our 9 yrs old son?ADHD?ODD?ASPERGER?BIPOLAR?

Our 9 yrs old son is causing the family to be torn apart. We have been seeing child pyschiatrist,pyschologist and therapist for almost 2 yrs.
The pyschiatrist that think he has ADHD puts him on Strattera and later changed to Adderall and now using Vyvanse but nothing help at all. And the pyschiatrist suggested a neurotest as he is probably seeing between Bipolar or Asperger.
We are seeing a pyschologist hoping to get a neurotest done on him to find out what exactly wrong with him. We read through so much about ADHD,Asperger,Bipolar and even ODD. We feel he matches completely into the syndroms of ODD but he is usually doing all these at home although we did have some complains from the school that he is very verbal abusive to his friends.
We even had to drag him to the children hospital one evening when he went out of control,verbal abusive to us and ransacking the whole house.
I dont know what to do anymore and I really need help.
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The hospital discharged him the same day without any finding.
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Thanks for the answers. We brought him for a neurotest on Wednesday.I am not sure what type of test they did but I must have filled in 200 questions. Prelimary evaluation result was that he has a genius level of IQ above 130 and the psychologist says its not uncommon that kids have high IQ to act aggressive BUT this doesnt solve our problem cos we are having daily war zone whenever he is home.
On 7/13/09 night, we even have to call 911 cos of his aggressiveness.
I would be bringing him to see his pysciatrist today and asked what is his advice of adding medication instead of just putting him on Vyvanse. Pyschologist spoke to pyschiatrist that something could be added to medciation to calm down his impulsiveness. I dont know what could that be..
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Today 7/15/09, we took him for his pyschiatrist appointment. The pyschologist that did his neurotest spoke to the pyschiatrist yesterday. They are saying about ODD and ADHD,ruled out Asperger or Bipolar. And he prescripted Depakote 125mg once in the morning and once in the evening.
I am hoping if anyone could let me know how well this Depakote works? Since I checked on the web and it says its for migraine,seizure and bipolar...
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Jul 6, 2009
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It sounds like this has been a very difficult time for you and your family. I imagine one of the most frustrating aspects of this situation is that there is little explanation around your son's condition. What is the best way to characterize his symptoms? Why is he acting this way? What is the best treatment?

I would urge you to continue with the assessment from the psychologist to better understand his symptoms. It sounds like you have done a wonderful job of researching his behaviors, but the psychologist can help you put it all together and define a path for treatment. This is important because the treatments for Asperger Syndrome are different from ADHD, Bipolar, and ODD. The best empirically supported treatments for ADHD and ODD are similar, however.

I have included a couple of links below that may be of interest. The first link includes a list of commonly administered tests and questionnaires. The psychologist should administer an intelligence assessment (e.g., WISC-IV, Stanford Binet, Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children) and achievement tests (e.g., Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Wide Range Achievement Test). The psychologist does not need to administer all of the tests I described, but they should administer, at least one intelligence assessment and one or more achievement tests. This will provide information on your son's cognitive strengths and weaknesses (how he tends to process information), as well as whether he has a learning disability.

The psychologist should also administer some questionnaires for you and his teacher that characterize his attention abilities (E.g., Conners Rating Scales, Child Behavior Checklist). There are also electronic assessments for attention (E.g., Conners' Continuous Performance Test).

To assess Asperger Syndrome, the psychologist should administer some tests of executive function (e.g., Rey Complex Figure Test, Cognitive Assessment System) and social understanding (e.g., Thematic Apperception Test).

These are just a few assessments that should be included as part of the battery. See the first link below for more information.

The second link includes information on setting up a behavior plan at home and at school. Ask the psychologist for help on this. Behavior plans are typically some of the most effective non-pharmacological (no medication) treatments for ADHD and ODD.

Please keep us updated and let us know if we can do anything else to help.

L. Compian, Ph.D.
Child Psychologist
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