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What should an eight year old be able to do academically?

what sort of things should she be able  to do  ie. alphabet, days of the week,months of the year etc.
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laurenf writes:
Hi there,

I have no idea, but here is an page which aggregates many articles about developmental milestones at age 8.

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pigtoria writes:
Hi Plod….

Depending on what grade your eight year old is in – second grade or third grade – what she knows academically might differ.  I have a second grader and this is what he knows:

- addition facts up to the sum of 20 (by memory)
- subtraction facts up to 10 (by memory)
- adding two digits using carry over (ie 58 + 45)
- subtracting two digits using borrowing (90 – 25)
- identify the correct fractions (when asked which picture shows 1/3 he can identify it)
- beginning to learn which fraction is larger (1/3 versus 1/4)
- beginning to learn simple multiplication (ie – he knows that adding double numbers – 8 + 8 is the same as 8 * 2)
- beginning to learn simple division (there are 6 cookies and 3 children, how many cookies does each child get?)
- how to tell time down to the minute
- how to measure things and what units to use (when measuring something small you use inches but bigger things are measured in feet)

- weather terms
- four seasons – its weather and unique characteristics
- how to read map using N, S, W, E, NW, NE, SW, SE and what legend on a map means
- days of the week (how to write/spell)
- months of the year (how to write/spell)
- how things grow and what it needs to grow
- metamorphosis of caterpillar into a butterfly
- what are the different clouds
- how do rain occur

- what are long and short vowels
- what makes long and short vowels (ie words that end in e or silent e makes the preceding vowels a long vowel)
- what is a proper noun
- what is a noun
- what is a verb (actions words is the term they use in class)
- what is an adjective (describing words is the term they use in class)

Hope this list was helpful!

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