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Activities for class and class managment.

  I teach English in Brazil for teens. I´ve tried all kinds of activities such as games and songs. The students insist on speaking Portuguese in class and sometimes I feel really stressed. The school where I work doesn´t give me any support. The only thing I have in class is an old CD player (I think it´s 15 years old). Everything I want to use with my students I have to buy with my money ( copies, cds, videos,( there´s one TV in the school for all teachers), flash cards, trainning, whatever). Besides you can´t imagine how small my salary is. If you have any suggestions I´ll be grateful.
   Other point is the evaluation. The students are evaluated in a very strange way wich is 50% test, and 50% teacher evaluation without any logic system. It means you just give them the 50% for nothing. If the student is weak or doesn´t make any effort I can´t tell the parents because they might think the school is not doing its job and stop paying.If they don´t behave themselves there´s no kind of correction os punishment because the students must be happy. Otherwise they will leave the school. It´s all on the teacher´s back. The grades must be good no matter what. The parents can´t know the student talk during the class, doesn´t do homework, and isn´t learning apropriately because if it´s happening it´s all the teacher´s fault. I have some students taking the advanced course that can´t make a complete sentence in English.
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Other point is that the owner of the school gives preference to two of the teachers. They go to class wearing shorts and showing their bodies in an inapropriate way in my point of view. As they are young and pretty, the teens love them. Some of the students I have know have been their students for some years. Their English is very bad and they speak very little but their previous grades are just very good. What do you think about that?
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Why hasn´t anybody answered?
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