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Need advice: first grader didn't want to go to school; now home schooling.

"My daughter was attending school preK and kinder, fine no problems. She started 1st grade and now we are in a problem. She says she hates the school, and she does not want to go. She cries and has real problems. We have had to take her out of school. She was going to a Catholic school, and my daughter has decide to place her in home schooling. Can you advise?"

Asked by Susan after reading the article, "Ask the Child Psychologist: Childhood Fears":
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Allyn Anderson
Oct 3, 2009
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I am sure you are concerned about your little one. Were you able to visit her former school to determine what might have been disturbing her? Understanding her concern(s) would give you the insight you need to help her. Consider talking with her former first grade teacher to get her perspective. Being "armed" with more information will help guide you in the right direction. Also consider talking with her pediatrician to help determine what might be causing her anxiety.

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