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I need some advice on potty training my son

My boy is two and a half and when we first started potty training he did great. After about a month he never pooped in his diaper it was always on the potty and he was the one that told us he wanted to go. he stayed at a friends house one night and has had a HUGE set back. I have tried sticker charts, calling family and friends to help make it a big deal, I have tried getting him in a routine of when he wakes up, before he goes to bed. I have even stopped altogether to give him a break. since we have stopped he no longer fights me. He does try to use it to get out of sleeping and eating. He can pull his pants up and down on his own. he even can take his diaper off on his own. when he was or does use the potty he even holds him self down. he sometimes tells me when he has pooped and sometimes when he is wet. So I know he is ready. It is 5 months since we started potty training. PLEASE HELP ME!
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jritchie writes:
Hi there,

Thank you for your question. Below is a link to the potty training information center on which is a great resource. Best of luck to you.

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