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Does anyone know if anger and violent behavior is usually part of asbergers?  

I'm currently waiting for an evaluation and diagnosis for my 4 yr old. Aspergers is suspected. what I'm trying to get an answer to is "Is anger and violent behavior a part of Aspergers?" Does anyone have an answer?
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Feb 5, 2008
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Hi Karen,

First, congratulations on seeking an evaluation for your four-year-old. As you most likely know, early diagnosis and intervention predicts more positive outcomes for children with just about any diagnosis. And, in the case in which your child does not have a formal diagnosis, you will have learned a great deal about his or her unique cognitive and emotional profile, and you can rest easy, focusing on helping to grow his or her talents and capabilities.

Now, on to your specific question about Asperger's Syndrome. The short answer is "yes." In my experience, children (and adults) with Asperger's are prone to frustration, anger, and yes, sometimes violence. As you have most likely heard, children with Asperger's have a great deal of difficulty with social relationships. They have trouble understanding the meaning of what others are saying and doing, and they typically struggle to take the other person's perspective. In addition, children with Asperger's are typically dependent upon structure and routine because they have trouble making sense of the "gray areas" of any interaction. Thus, there is room for a great deal of confusion. Children in a confused state can easily become frustrated, angry, and lash out.

School plans and treatment for children with Asperger's Syndrome often involve a reliance on structure, including schedules and routine. In addition, teachers might offer a "quiet" place in the room that an overwhelmed child can move to in order to calm themselves.

Please keep us updated on the evaluation. Take care.

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Abug's mommy
Abug's mommy writes:
My son is 8 and he is an Aspie also ADHD. He does display aggressive and even violent behavior at times. He began displaying this behavior before the age of 1 sometimes by biting himself or pulling my hair. By them time he began walking, he starting hurting himself really badly by banging his head. After many doctor visits and my begging for help in tears, one doctor finally sent me to a developmentalist and he was formally diagnosed as the age of 3. He still does have "meltdowns" and becomes aggressive. I do hope this helps you out, as I have been there and I know it's frustrating! Best of luck :-)
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