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How to answer a 6 year old's request to call my new boyfriend "Daddy"?

iI have been separated from my 6 yr old son's Dad since pregnancy. He sees him but only a few times a year and never calls him or keeps contact in between but my son knows he is "Daddy".  I have been friends with my new boyfriend for over 2 years but we only started a relationship 7 weeks ago.  I would never involve my son at this early stage but by virtue of the friendship he already knew him. Also due to our  friendship, the relationship is moving quicker than it would otherwise. We are both of the view that this is for keeps but its still early days. My son, out of the blue, asked my boyfriend if he could call him "Daddy". I was shocked. I tried to explain that he is our friend and it takes a special person to be a daddy to a special boy. He said he doesnt see Daddy so wants a new one and he really likes my boyfriend and who is also great with him. I said that if we had a new daddy he would live with us and my boyfriend does not. My son smartly replied that real daddy doesnt live with us either! Then he asked if my boyfriend could live with us! I was expecting jealousy, resistance etc but not my son being so willing to accept a new "daddy" and not sure how to deal with the situation or how I should conduct my relationship with my boyfriend/son from hereon. Friends first has caused the attachment and my son has obviously sensed the change in our relationship even though we do not act as boy/girlfriend in his presence.  Do i now create distance but risk confusion to my son?
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