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How does an Aspergers Mom home-school an Aspergers son when he gives up so easily?

I have Aspergers, and high IQ and OCD. My husband was actually considered slow throughout his school years, though does not show it much until something more technical comes up (specific writing, math, etc.). We chose to pull our two older children from public school due to bullying and lack of discipline (son discovered he was in charge at school!), and because of the school's failure to move our daughter ahead as needed. Neither of them have any issues. Our third child (no issues) and her younger brother have never went to public school although all of them attend the enrichment classes through the home-school programme. Our youngest, 5 year old son, has Aspergers so I thought it'd be very easy since I have the same thing. Like me, he gets frustrated very easily but UNLIKE me, he gives up and refuses to try again. I have a card with the words "Learn, Practice, Review" on it which helps at times when it comes to writing and phonics but not always. While I'm usually very creative, my mind seems to have stalled repeatedly on ways to give him the encouragement needed to continue the lesson. Do I move on to something else, or back to something he CAN do or what, because he can shut down anywhere from a couple of minutes to the rest of the day as far as schooling. Anyone have ideas?
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Nov 7, 2012
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk!

There are many resources for typical and special needs children who are home educated.  This is one of my favorites:

Consider learning that is more interactive and engaging. You can combine physical activity with learning activity. Such as jumping jacks when you are doing addition problems.

Also, there are numerous websites and games that can be adapted.  Consider playing with games that have many concepts integrated. Here are just a few:

SCRABBLE JR. for spelling (Many locations to purchase)

BOGGLE for spelling and visual skills  (Many locations)

FLIP2BFIT  and BAKARI for fitness, nutrition , memory and reading

MEMORY (for visual memory) You can make this game or purchase at local stores

Good luck!

Louise Sattler, Psychologist

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andygudge writes:
I am Dr Andy Gudgeon, living in Manila, Philippines, after teaching in the UK for 35 years. I married a filipina girl of 23 in 2000, but when our son was 5, he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, after "freezing" in every subject at a very fine school. The diagnosis is certain, done by a very highly regarded educational psychiatrist, who stayed with him all day every day for a week. I started reading and learning all I could, but by age 9, it was hopeless. Then I realised my wife's erratic behaviour was also Aspergers, and when our daughter reached 10, I saw it again. At that point, I pulled our son out of school, and have done home schooling with him since then. We both love that, and he is far ahead of other boys his age now. I have developed many resources for him, and learned a great deal, which I am happy to share. I am hoping to create a mini-school for Aspergers kids in UK from next year, probably in Sheffield. I can teach all the maths, physics, chemistry, biology, English, and even French & German, up to age 18, and I will collect a group of mums (maybe dads?) to build interactive social skills, with things like, quizzes, competitions, walking, camping, caravanning, caving, painting, drawing, sports. Anybody near Sheffield welcome to join. Anybody else ... why not try it yourself? So here is my email add and feel free to chat with me there. Aspie women have major meltdowns, which I have suffered from greatly ... does anybody want to sew the buttons back on all my shirts?  After the last one, she suddenly decided I have another wife somewhere, and also that my study table was untidy, and ran away, but I am strong enough to cope with all this, and I will spend ten years preparing my 2 dear aspies for life. My wife's response was to go into DENIAL, which is a disastrous thing for the kids, but still it is a part of the Aspie character. OK over to you. Andy
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