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O.k...bare with me as I start from the beginning! I have a 16 yr old son. At the age of 5 he was diagnosed with autism. Was put into special day

Classes for k - 2nd grade. When he went back for his 3 year appointment. The doctor told me that he believes he made a wrong diagnoses. My son does not have autism. So, they moved him back into general Ed for 3rd grade with I.E.P's every year. They Said he has a " learning disability ". In 5th grade the diagnosed him with A.D.D. And gave me a prescription for meeds for him. I refuse to give my son meds for something I don't think he has. I should of went with my gut feeling with the whole autism. I knew that he didn't have it. The doctors know ... Right?
So, now my son is in 10th grade and is doing horrible in school. He has a total of 40 credits. I have talked to his counselor and she told me not to worry about it just yet. He has time to make up the credits! Are you kidding me??? I have been trying to get him into some other school program to see if that helps. I am doing it all on my own with no support from his school. The only help he gets is a English support class. They are suppose to allow him extra time on test and take him to a quite room to take the test but, so far nothing. He is doing all regular classes and is REALLY having a hard time with algebra. I am so stressed that he is not going to graduate from high school. What should my next step be? He needs to graduate. Any helpful advice would really help!
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Mar 25, 2011
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We are sorry that your son has been struggling in school for many years. It it still possible however, that he can graduate if your school can offer an alternative program from which he can recover his credits. If his school does not offer such a program, you may need to seek help from an outside source and find a tutor for your son. Make it a priority to research the available options for alternative schooling in your community.

You mentioned that your son has been diagnosed with ADD but you have chosen not to put him on ADD medication. Since you do not agree with the diagnosis, you should have him evaluated again for a second opinion.  Make sure he is seen by a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in children and adolescents. If your son truly has ADD, the medication will help him focus and organize his thoughts and will allow him to be able to complete his work. It will also make him feel better about himself once he is able to have more succes in the classroom.

It is interesting that the doctor who initially diagnosed your son with Autism thinks he may be wrong. Did he ever mention Asperger's Syndrome as a possibility? Asperger's is on the Autism spectrum and many times it is confused with other mental health issues. To be sure it would be a good idea to have your son re-evalutated as soon as possible. Your son can get back on track with the right diagnosis and support from you and from professionals.

Please go to our parenting website for more information:
From this site you can e-mail a counselor with any questions or concerns. You can also call our toll-free Hotline and speak directly with a counselor. We also have an excellent website for teens:
Your son can also call the Hotline, we are here 24 hours, 7 days a week for parents and kids of all ages in all situations.

Take care and best wishes to you and your son!


Cynthia, Counselor
Boys Town National Hotline

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