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I'm having boy trouble with a guy I really like:( I would really like some advice...

Ok, so lets say you and this boy are talking a lot and you've known him/ went to school with him since kindergarten and you like him a lot, a lot and you thought he felt the same way about you guys hang out one night, kiss, hold hands, ect. and then talk a lot after that night and a while after. Then you guys get into a little argument and you ask him if he is ok and he says he's fine so, you believe him and everything is going good till he says he is going up north and wont have service for the next four days. Then he texts you and you are really excited so you text him back saying HEY! How are you?!...but then he sends you some really weird texts that really shock you for instants...he texts you right back saying sorry don't text me on this phone again it isn't mine bye so you say ok..bye then he texts you two texts saying female dog and you ask him what his problem is and he doesn't you guys stop texting for a long while and then he sends you some more really weird texts a while later like Hey I like Gookers (except using your actual name) and you say who is this? and he replies this is,(his name), and sorry wrong number why would i text you duhhh....what should you do?
-i know i should just forget about him but i cant....i really really like him and my mind keeps on revolving around him:/ even dreaming about him at night!...and I'm daydreaming about him!
any suggestions/ advice? I'd really, really like some.
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