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How could I change my teaching focus from Kindergarten to 4th grade ELA?

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hlevitan , Teacher writes:

Moving from teaching kindergarten to fourth grade English language arts is a big move.  Your experience working with kindergarteners will definitely help you in your future teaching.

Kindergarten is more focused on piecing together the reading building blocks (such as print awareness, phonemes, reading fluency) and helping students start to write.  Fourth grade is more focused on continuing to develop reading comprehension skills and the writing process.  You will likely have fourth grade students who still struggle to read, and you will have the skills from teaching kindergarten to better help them.  

I suggest using literature circles for teaching novels, where you assign everyone in each group a different role.  This will provide students the opportunity to take a more active role in their learning.

In fourth grade, students write papers and continue to review and practice parts of speech.  While curriculum standards vary from state to state, the following articles explain general standards applicable to fourth graders nationwide:

“Fourth Grade Reading: What Happens”
“Fourth Grade Writing: What Happens”

I hope you find these fourth grade language arts standards useful.

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