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What to do about son who stopped using words, doesn't have interest in games, cries and laughs without cause, bites and doesn't have good relation with his sister?

My child is 2yr,5mo. He talk about 4 words by age of 9 mo. Then he stopped. Instead he used sign language if he want any thing. He always turn around himself. waving by his hand as if he talk to somebody else.he has no interest to play with games always put it in row especially similar colors and shape the he turned around them keep looking to this row.some times he cry without cause and lough withe out cause.he has no interactive play with same age and if so he always bite them hardly and be aggressive with them.he like big one to run after him as if in race.relation with youngest sister is very bad(1yr)
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Wayne Yankus
Jun 8, 2009
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I agree that your pediatrician should have an opportunity to examine your son and discuss these changes.  Whatever the diagnosis, early intervention has shown to be very helpful.  Be sure to have his hearing checked as well as vision.  Low vision and hearing can be present.

A developmental pediatrician, your school system, and your medical home should all be part of the team to help your son reach his full potential.

Wayne A. Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics.

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lravidlearner , Teacher, Parent writes:
Please take him to his pediatrician as soon as possible.   Describe all the behaviors you've observed.  The ones you've described are not normal behaviors.  There are many developmental problems that can cause these behaviors.

The sooner the better!  At 2 years old, he has the best chance overcoming these behaviors if he's properly diagnosed and gets the appropriate therapy.
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LouiseSattler , Child Professional writes:
Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk.

As a School Psychologist,  I totally agree with fellow posters and urge you to 1) Talk to your child's pediatrician regarding the changes in behavior you have noted 2) Request a hearing evaluation to make sure that your son is able to hear language and this is not the reason for behavioral changes 3) Contact your local school district and ask, in writing, for an evaluation by the early intervention team. When you make this request ask for a behavioral consultant to attend meetings, as well.  Furthermore, a speech and language therapist should be requested as language acquisition appears to be problematic.  

Also, note if your home language is not English, you may ask for any school forms to be translated in to your home language.  If you use sign language in your home you are entitled to a sign language interpreter at any meeting you attend at the schools and physician's office.

If your son is using sign language at home, please consider continuing this mode of communication as it will help to decrease negative behaviors if the family can sign to him basic phrases to help him to communicate.  This would be true even if he is hearing and not hearing impaired as sign language has been proven to help boost language development with children who have delays speaking. Using sign language will not stop talking from occurring.

Good luck!

Louise Masin Sattler, NCSP
School Psychologist
Owner of Signing Families
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