What is our child expected to know before starting kindergarten?

"Numbers? Alphabet? Counting?"

Asked by Sue via email.
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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi Sue, I'd like to suggest a few resources that will help you in preparing your child for kindergarten.

First, offers a free resource center with a wide variety of information related to kindergarten readiness:

Here is one article in particular within that resource center that covers, "What Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do Upon Entering Kindergarten":

You could also contact the school directly to find out their expectations for new students. If you don't have the school's phone number handy (and if located in the U.S.), you may use SchoolFinder to research its contact info:

Additional resources you may find helpful include:

The Parent's Guide to Kindergarten

Childhood Immunizations special edition (including state-by-state immunization requirements for starting kindergarten; scroll to map and menu at bottom of page)

Thanks for asking!
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christyonna writes:
they should know everything like counting,alphabet,numbers,adding,and subtracting!
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Aunty-Sammy writes:
I don't much about the American school system because I am British, but I work in a nursery school working with children aged 2, 3, and 4 years old. Children aged from birth to 5 years learn from a curriculum called the Early Years Foundation curriculum this has 6 areas of learning - physical development, communication language and literacy, problem solving reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, creative development and personal social and emotional development.  This curriculum is followed in Nurseries and pre-schools throughout the UK, and in the 1st year of primary school known as the reception year.  Children over here start school at 4 years old (the term after their 4th birthday) and begin the national curriculum when they move from the reception class into year 1 aged 5 - or the term after their 5th birthday.
Anyway, regardless of a child's age when they start reception they are expected to be able to do/know the following:
Count to 20.
Recognise numbers 1 - 20.
Recognise every letter of the alaphabet and be able to recognise the sounds they make and pronounce these sounds e.g A - ah, B - Buh, C- cuh and so on. In the UK the emphasis is on soft phonetic sounds.
Write their name.
Recognise their name.
Know all their 2-D and some 3-D shapes.
Dress and undress themselves.
Use the toilet independently and wash their hands afterwards.
Feed themselves and use a knife and fork.
Sit at a table and use good manners.
draw a simple picture.
Listen to a story.
Listen to instructions.
Have social skills and be able to interact with other children and with adults.
If possible to write every letter of the alaphabet and simple words.
Read/recognise simple words.
know simple time concepts - such as morning, afternoon, lunch time etc.
use a pair of scissors safely.
Be able to seperate from their parents and/or carers easily.
Use a cup.
What age do they start Kindergarten? if they are 6 or older I would suggest teaching them to read as well, most 6 year olds if they learn reading early enough can read simple words and books independently.
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