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Is my Child is hypo

I have a wonderful two year old,he is a character,very loving and happy. However he cant get unbelievably over excited. We will be playing row row row the boat and he'll suddenly get very hypo, he'll start laughing and then hitting me, jumping and climbing over me, pulling me hair, and he doesn't do it out of anger, but he's hurting me, when we have cuddles and kisses sometimes he'll start squeezing me really hard and his kisses turn into bites, i have dealt with this be putting him down and walking away, but he'll come after and try to bite me, he'll get upset that I'm not letting him, but i try to ignore him until he starts to calm down sometimes i will have to give him a cuddle and stroke his head, i do not believe in smacking a child.I find very difficult to get him to sleep, even though he has a routine,tea,a bit of chill out time,bath and bottle and bed, i rub his feet and back with lavender oil. I try hard to avoid foods with a lot of sugar. he will often wake between 2-4am and want to jump on his bed and laugh, or just chatter away. He also loves throwing things, all the time !! He just does not stop, he has so much energy and can survive on very little sleep, HELP !!
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Feb 28, 2012
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Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what is going and know exactly why children are behaving a certain way.  From what you have described and what you have done at home to help the situation, it might be a good idea to talk with your pediatrician about your son's behavior.  Your routine at night sounds very relaxing and if you are consistant it should help your child relax and know what happens when bath and the routine is finished.  Staying asleep is another issue that your child's doctor may be able to offer you some helpful advice.
As for his behavior while playing, it may help to preteach how the game goes or how snuggle time should be.  Reminding him that when you play with him it is okay to be excited but there is no biting, hitting, or pulling hair. Rather laughing or clapping his hands quitely are great ways to show excitement. If he shows the negative behavior, he should immediately be put into time out or removed from the game.  When you preteach you should let him know if he behaves that way, the game ends and he will be sent to his room for time out.  Test the game out and half way through the song, praise him for his good behavior and let him know this is how you expect him to act.  The same goes for snuggle time.  Teaching appropriate behavior takes time and lots of practice, so don't give up or give in.  
We hope you find this helpful.  Please don't hesitate to reach out and give us a call anytime with any parenting issue.   We understand it can be extremely frustrating and it helps to have as much support as possible.

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