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How do you get your child to tell you that he wants to go to the potty before he starts and not after?

Our toddler knows what to do when he wants to go to the potty but the problem is he doesn't tell his Daddy or me when he wants to go. We only know when we look at him and he is acting like he wants to poo or when he comes to us after he poos in his pull-ups.

He knows the drill---"when you want to poo, go to the potty" or "come to Mommy or Daddy".

He did it at daycare---in fact he was one of the first to go to the potty on his own but even his teachers say that he is lazy to go. We don't know what else to do. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
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momofsix writes:
I have quite potty trained quite a few children & it all comes down to this... THEY HAVE TO WANT IT! Often children know what& how to do it, but they have to be excited enough about it that they WANT to do it. YOU have to make rewarding to your child. What some consider bribery, I call the REWARD system! LOL. Let your child know they will get gummy bears, M&M's, tootsie rolls, etc, after they go potty in the potty chair or that you will blow bubbles... Whatever trips your childs trigger, but make it fun for your child. Remind them often w/ something like, "Remember, when you go potty in the potty chair, you can have some M&M's". Sure, your child is working toward a different goal, but he/she is also working on YOUR goal too. The habit will be formed & soon your child will forget about the M&M's. Good Luck & God Bless!
> 60 days ago

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