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My child had to stop going to regular school and be home schooled because of school not doing its job.

My daughter is a senior in h.s. and she suffers from medical and mental health issues the school is aware of this. She was raped during the summer and her attacker was a student at this high school a year ago. He has been in her school and I have taken police reports and also any other papers to show she was attacked. Also a former boy friend that does not go to this school came to her night class, which he is not in and was allowed to walk in. He had a toy gun and was acting like he was shooting it in the hallways. Where was security? Your guess is as good as mine. My daughter suffers from bipolar and manic depression. She has been bullied at this school. I have contacted all the officials at the school and still nothing is being done. Now she has to be home schooled because she fears for her safety and her life  going to this school. I need to speak to someone asap. I am contacting an attorney as well.
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Wayne Yankus
May 13, 2013
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I would contact an attorney and I would go to your school for home instructions so you do not have to do the teaching.  Under these circumstances if the school is uncooperative, your attorney can get a court order for the school to act on your child's behalf.  I sincerely hope her psychiatrist is pro active as her advocate as well.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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