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My child threatened to kill all the students in his class and their families.

Okay so he is not my child, but my nephew and I live with him and his family. Here's the breakdown of the situation:

George is 5 years old, ADHD and is the step son to my cousin Julie and her husband Sam. They are great parents and Sam is in the middle of a horrendous custody battle where his ex recently kidnapped George and abused him for over a period of a couple of years. George is already in therapy and seeing doctors but recently George just started exhibiting severe rage issues.

His mother does have some custody rights due to the fact that Julie wants George to know his mom, who has realized where she went wrong and is trying to amend that--we hope.

Back to today. George has been going on this downhill turn from destroying his room, destroying the bathroom, pushing his dad who held his baby brother. He's been grounded, had all video games taken away, and has been doing chores and homework as punishment.

Today he threw a chair at his teacher and said to all of his classmates that he will kill them and their families.

I know Julie and Sam are awesome parents and are doing the best they can, my main question is this: what can I do to support them and help out? George is not my son, I can only do so much. When he told me he was joking, I kinda pissed off Sam when I told George what terrorism was--its not my place to explain that to George. I have no kids of my own and want to do the right thing by my family while supporting them.

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