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What to do about my children being bullied?

Ii have two daughters, they ride the same bus and are bullied on a daily basis. I have talked to the principal, bus driver, superintendent and the bus drivers boss. they assured me that it would stop, but the new school year has started snd so has the bulling. i am not sure what to do, i have talked to everyone that i should and its only getting worse. please help me.
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Sep 14, 2010
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I'm sorry to hear that your daughters are being bullied.  It sounds like you have talked to several people and nothing has helped.  Here are a few ideas that might help to get things moving.

1.  If your daughters are experiencing physical harm, you can file a police report.  Having physical evidence is visual (take pictures for your own records) and the police report is something the bus driver, principal, teachers, bullies, and parents can't ignore.

2.  Start a journal.  Write down all the incidents right after they happen.  Be sure to include the date and time.  Show this to the administration.  They need to know you are serious.

3.  Ask the school for their anti-bullying policy.  Point out specifically what is not being met, ask them what they plan to do about it, and ask them how you can help.

4.  Talk to other parents whose children ride the bus.  Do their children see your girls getting picked on.  Ask them how they can help.  For example, the bystanders (those not being picked on, but see it happen) can be given strategies on how to stand up to the bully.  Sometime just telling the bully to knock it off, that it isn't cool will stop the behavior.  

5.  If the incident happens on the way to school, ask your girls to report it right away.  If one teacher doesn't listen, go to another teacher.  Someone will eventually hear what they are saying.

6.  Keep the lines of communication up with your daughters.  They need to know that you are there for them and are trying to protect them.

If you need more suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly.  Your daughters are lucky to have you!

Barb Kruger

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Karenmom writes:
I am so sorry to hear this, there is absolutely no reason for your children to be exposed to this type behavior.  It sounds as though you have done everything possible to put a stop to it and I applaud your daughters for talking to you about this.

I agree with Barbk, but also, it seems that you have taken every possible step in the correct order and this may be a matter for the board of education and possibly a lawyer.

They are failing to protect your children and it is their responsibility to keep your children safe.  Meanwhile, I would find another means of transporting my children to school.  If it's possible for you to drive them to school or another trusting person to take your children to school and remove your daughters from this situation.

I believe if a lawyer contacts your principal then your principal may become more eager to see why the bus driver is failing to provide safe transportation for your children.  Another thought...I'm sure your children are not alone, I doubt that they have been singled out which means that other children on this bus may be experiencing the same problems, talk to your daughters to see if they had witnessed other kids being bullied, you may want to contact their parents and as a group resolve this matter.  

Best of luck to you and your children, I do hope this is resolved accordingly and in my opinion, the children causing the problem should be removed from the bus and let their parents be responsible for their transportation and the bus driver should be in the unemployment line.  Best wishes!
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