sofia3508 asks:

what are children expected to know when starting kindergarten ?

abc's, counting, know address, parents name, phone number, writing name, ?????
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Lonnie K. Chin
Sep 4, 2013
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Hello Sofia!
     Many children entering kindergarten have already had some pre-school experience, so they know the alphabet, simple numbers up to 10, the primary colors, general directions such as up, down, left, right and so on. Group activities that include: singing, dancing, movement, drama, listening to stores, ball games, all contribute to the socialization process and cooperation skills that are so important for getting along in kindergarten, their future educational career, and in fact, the rest of their lives. Art activities and opportunities to try new things help children develop their creativity and self confidence.

     Therefore, Kindergarten in many schools today look like first grade 50 years ago.  However, kindergarten is not even required in many states.  So, if your child has not had an opportunity to attend pre-school, do take time to teach your child these very basic skills: the alphabet, writing his/her name, colors, names of common foods , numbers to 10, home address, parents names, cardinal directions, and other general activities and names of common daily living. It's important to help children develop their bank of vocabulary through directed conversations about what they are doing, seeing, and experiencing.  It's so important to read to children as often as possible.  Read daily and discuss what is read.  

    The most crucial preparation for kindergarten and formal education is a child's attitude and enthusiasm for learning.  Show your child how much you enjoy reading, learning and doing things.  Praise him/her for art projects, writing, and attempts to make things as well that the tasks that you may require to keep your home functioning like putting away toys.  Parents are the first teachers and most influential people in the lives of their children.  Therefore, taking time to each your child values, how to behave, how to treat others, how to solve simple problems that occur,  will help develop a strong character that will stand him/her in good stead for life.  
    Getting back to kindergarten, a positive attitude, enthusiasm for learning, ability to get along with others, willingness to complete tasks are the characteristics of the best recipe for success in kindergarten.  Keep on learning and good luck!

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