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Why do children repeat what they have said in a whisper?

My four year old has recently started whispering back what he has just said...sometimes a phrase, sometimes a sentence.  He is a bright child with a large vocabulary and very social.  If you've ever seen the ABC show "The Middle"... that's what he's doing!
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LouiseSattler , Child Professional writes:
Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk.

It has been my experience that children speak in a whisper for a few reason, such as-

1- They are not confident of their question or statement and don't want to seem "embarrassed" in front of others.

2- They prefer not to make eye contact when talking about something personal.

3- They have seen others do so and are modeling their behavior.

4- They have become used to whispering as a mode of communication.

My suggestion would be to reward the times that he does NOT whisper and ignore the others.  

Good luck!
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ron.grimes writes:
I don't feel that LouiseSattler addressed your question. It was not "why do children whisper", but why do they repeat what they just said in a whisper.

I can only speak from my experience of having done the exact same thing as a child. Now, at age 58, and having retrospectively analyzed my own behavior, I believe it was because of several factors:

1) I was socially ostracized in school (because of crossed-eyes) and being asthmatic (and so not being able to play like most kids).
2) I was a loner because of #1 and also because I was raised on a farm 10 miles from the city and so my social interactions were very limited.
3) I was ridiculed daily - both in school and at home.

Because of these factors, I was very self conscious of my appearance, my words - everything.

So, to your question, in my case, I was aware (even in childhood) that I was whispering back to myself what I had just said out loud because I wanted to review the conversation to see if I said it right or I had once again embarrassed myself by saying something stupid.

While I'm not saying your child has anything near my experience, there is still a possibility of him being overly self conscious and not wanting to sound "stupid" to others and suffering ridicule because of his choice of words. I would be asking myself is someone is picking on his choice of words or mocking him so that he is second guessing what comes out of his mouth?
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