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Does a clean diet, omega 3's vitamin B trace minerals like zinc and magnesium along with whey protein drink help with ADD/ADHD behavior?

My 9 year old son has been diagnosed with having dyslexia when he was 7 about a year ago he was diagnosed with having ADD. Our school is just terrific have  been so supportive. We have a wonderful resorce department and my son has an IEP plan. Upon hearing the news I have been submersed in books about this disease.  Reciently, I was introduced to the health benefits of a clean diet, no processed foods and synthic dyes. Also omega 3 vitamins along with vitamin B. I just recently in addition to adding zinc and magnesium to his juice.  I'm not too sure if I've seen a difference. He seems to be doing much better with his concentration and his homework overall.  But,  I'm afraid that all I hear and read  is that medication will help. His teachers are not convinced that my hymopathic approach is the right one, although very supportive. I feel as though we live in such a society that is driven by drug companies pushing medication. Is there any one out there that has tried this approach and have you seen results?    
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Jan 11, 2011
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Healthy diet is important for your son's healthy development regardless of his ADD.  A daily multivitamin is also a good idea.

Some studies show that certain children with ADD/ADHD are deficient in omega-3 fatty acid and supplementation might be beneficial.  Therefore, including salmon or flax seeds twice a week, would not be a bad idea.

Mega vitamin supplementation may lead to accidental overdoses.  Therefore, strive for providing your son with plenty of fruits and vegetables that in addition to vitamins and mineral will enrich his diet with fiber.

Protein drinks are not necessary.  Eggs and cheese and meat will provide your son all the protein he needs for healthy growth.

If despite the healthy diet, your son's ADD interferes with his academic or social development, talk with his regular health care provider.

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mmmmama writes:
If you would go to the library and look up Dr. Fiengold. He had a book out about ADD. Like you, he thinks that dyes and certain foods contribute to ADD. I know this was about 20 years ago, because we tried it with my son who is 38 now. It helped, but it is hard to find anything without dyes in it. Toothpaste, your soap. Its all absorbed by your body and affects you. If you would look on a bottle of Focus, which is to help children concentrate and you can probably find it at your health food store, it does have a lot of B vitimans in it. Careful with the zinc. I did not know that you could get to much zinc in your system and it does not wash out like the B vitimans does. To much magnesium will cause his bowels to run off.
 You are right to be concerned about the medication. About 1/3 or more of the students here are on them and they all use the same Dr. I asked my peditrician about putting my grand on concerta and he said no that that was riddlen.
 The foods that we eat now have a lot of things in them even if they are called healthy that is bad for us. I have never heard of so many kids and now adults going on meds to help them concentrate as I have in the last 5 years. We cannot even get animals to eat that has not been given hormones and antibiotics or diseased animals that have died to feed us anymore. What use to be good is not good and it is affecting our health and our minds.
 One thing about it. What you are doing will not hurt him and I would do everything I could to keep him off of medications. One girl put her son on them and I think that it made him worse. He could concentrate, but then other things went wrong. Everyone that I have talked to has had to keep upping their medications. So keep up looking for ways for your son and I am so thankful that you have a very good and supportive school and teachers that care. When you have teachers that care and works with you then your son will succeed. God Bless you
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