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sgalynsky asks:

College Acceptance Statistics

I live in NYC, my son is in the process of deciding which High Schools to apply to.  Is there a way to obtain college acceptance statistics for the schools he is interested in.  I can't seem to find on line, one school provided the statistics, a few other have not responded, and others just sent me a list of colleges previous students have been accepted to which is not helpful at all as there is no detail information/statistics.  I can't believe this public information is not available and hard to obtain.
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Oct 2, 2011
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What the Expert Says:

Your question is a good one that parents often ask. The answer is mixed- some release this data, some will release it if you ask, and others simply ignore inquires from people like you.

Here is a very general finding from many years working in high schools:

1) Public universities and colleges often release this data.
This is public information that is usually released depending on the state.

2) The more prestigious colleges and universities either release the information or will do so if requested.

3) If a college or university will not release the data, I would be suspicious as to why. There is a reason as the data is collected regardless of what the admissions office says.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

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