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What is compare/contrast text structure

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Marsha612 writes:
Compare/contrast text structure is a way writers organize text when they need to compare how things are alike and contrast how they are different.  Compare/contrast text structures can be organized in a few ways.  For example, if I am comparing cats and dogs, I could put all the ways they are alike in one paragraph, and contrast their differences in another-

         Dogs and cats make fantastic pets.  They are both capable of
    making their owners laugh and keeping them company.  They love
    to be scratched behind their ears.  And they like to play with toys.
        Cats are easier to take care of because they do not have to go
    for walks and they don't need bathes as often as dogs.  Some dogs'
    barking can get out of control and bother the neighbors, but cats'
    meows rarely cause anyone to complain.

OR, I could compare/contrast in a back and forth sort of manner-

         Dogs and cats make great pets but a dog's bark can be loud
    while a cat's meow rarely bothers the neighbors.  Cats can seek
    shelter in trees, but dogs must run and hide to get out of trouble.
    Dogs have to be let out or walked to use the bathroom, but cats
    can use a litter box.

Additionally, sometimes the compare/contrast is just a sentence or two and not an entire paragraph.
Compare/contrast text structure is most commonly found in nonfiction, informational texts, textbooks, and newspaper articles.  Being able to identify and understand not only helps students' comprehension, but also helps their writing as it it is helps them organize and express thoughts.

Hope this helps!
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