Swis asks:

How to concentrate on studies as my mind  is diverting to other stupid,bad things?

My mind is diverting sexual materials,girls computer games,cellphones,always thinking about sex  and making day dreams
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Oct 12, 2010
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I agree with the answer already provided. It is very normal for your mind to wander- heck, I'm much older than you and my mind wanders all the time, especially when I am trying to do other things.

Here is an approach I have used before- if you are working on a specific assignment or activity and your mind wanders, stop and take out a separate piece of paper and write five sentences describing the homework/task you are working to complete. This approach refocuses your mind around the duty at hand and can help you get back on track.

Try it and maybe it will help you.

Bottom line- what you are experiencing is normal. Keep working to stay focused and you'll succeed. Good luck!

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Patrick08 writes:
Hey Swis, it's very normal for a teen's mind to be consumed by a lot of different things.  Thinking about girls, sex, and playing video games can seem a lot more interesting than studying for a test.  But your education is important, and you need to make time to focus on it.  If you're having trouble keeping your mind from wandering while you're trying to study, I'd recommend a change of scenery.  Try to set up an area of your house, that can be strictly used for your study area.  This will get you away from the distractions of studying near a t.v., computer games, posters on your wall, etc.  If you can't have a place like this in your house, try your local library.  Libraries are great places to focus, they're quiet and filled with other people who have their head buried in books.  Once you establish this study area, you'll train your mind that when you're here, it's down to business and time to study.  Oh, and turn your phone off while you're in this study area!

Good Luck
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