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Could you please tell me who I would contact regarding a "spitting" from a school bus incident in Kailua Kona today? Thanks for your help.

My husband was the subject of a spitting incident today from a child on a school bus - who spit out his window and through my husband's open window to land on his lap. The children at the back of the bus thought that this was very entertaining. We would like to see them at least be called on it so that they will learn some manners and respect before they try something more extreme.
At 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday, February 14th just before the intersection of Kaukini and Hualalai - where once at the intersection the bus turned left up Hualalai. The "spitter" was second from the back on the passenger side we believe and three other boys in his vicinity at the back of the bus were all participants.
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