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How to convince my daughter's school she's not ready for 1st grade?

I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter who is getting ready to complete her first year of kindergarten.  On the last parent/teacher conferance the teacher spoke to us about holding her back to repeat kindergarten.  The teacher does not feel she is ready for 1st grade academically & neither do my husband or I. My problem is that even though we completely agree with the teacher about holding her back when the teacher went & spoke to the principle about holding her back another year they told her that my daughter would do just fine in 1st grade & they wanted to push her forward even though the teacher & her parents think that would be the worst thing for her.  One of the other problems is that they do a lottery out here in CT for all day kindergarden.  So the teacher feels that if she does get to repeat a year of kindergarden & she doesn't get all day that would make it even worse.  So the teacher offered to take her the 2nd part of the day (even if she already has 20 kids) to ensure she would get a full day if she didn't get picked for the lottery.  The principle said they are weighing that option & the teacher has another meeting with them after spring break.  Then we will meet with them as well.  When my husband & I do go talk to the principle I want to have evidence to stand my ground about holding her back.  I will not set my child up for failure & I think her going into 1st grade when she is not ready will hurt her.  Is there any advice as to what I can do?  
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T.O.Y. writes:
Does your child's school offer a D-1; (Developmental 1st. gr.) or T-1; (Transitional 1st. grade) program? Ask your child's principal.
It sounds like your child could benefit from attending a T-1 or D-1 program. This grade placement helps those students who aren't academically and/or socially not ready to enter 1st. gr. , and, at the same time, are not so low or socially immature that repeating Kdg. would be the best "fit." This is kind of like "retaining" a student but without the "being held back" stigma and possible detriment to a child's self esteem. Also, does your child have a sibling who will be in 1st grade next year or in kdg.? You must consider this situation because sibling rivalry/teasing/etc. could result if sibs. are in the same grade, not due to chronological age.

Hope this helps! (O:

P.S. If your principal decides that you can retain her in Kdg., be sure that your child receives enrichment or more challenging instruction if there are areas she is doing well in already. Boredom can cause a host of problems. Sometimes by building's principal will let a kdg. child visit a 1st gr. class for part of a day to receive instruction in an academic area that he/she needs the challenge.
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