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How can I convince my mom to let me switch schools?

You see i hate my current school, and i just want to switch!!! I've tried telling her why i hate my school, but she still wants me to go there cause its on her way to work, so its easier for her.... HELP!!!
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Nov 11, 2010
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It must be extremely frustrating for you to have to go someplace where you’re obviously unhappy.  I’m sure every one of us has had that experience and personally, I wish it on no one.

You’re probably feeling like your mom doesn’t respect your position or your reasoning for not attending this school.  However, I’m going to play devil’s advocate and also suggest that perhaps there’s more than just the one reason, that it’s on your mother’s way to work, that she wants you to go there.  

Here’s a suggestion, calmly ask your mom if she’d please sit down with you and do an exercise.  Together, each of you write out a list of pros and cons for attending your school.  Afterwards compare the list and calmly discuss your reasons.  Make sure that your reasons are mature and well thought out.  You want your mom to respect your maturity and ability to think this through if you want to win her over.

I know that it probably sounds like a silly exercise, but if your mom sees you being calm and rational (something that has probably been difficult given that you really hate this school and don’t want to go there), she may look at you in a different light and be more willing to accept your reasons to switch.  

Good luck!

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