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How should I convince my mum to let me change schools?

I recently moved to the country. I went from a Steiner education to a far more rigorous and strict grammar school education. I want to go back to the Steiner school (which has a great reputation and exam results), but my mum wants me to stay here and changing school would mean me moving in with my dad or the family moving. The school I am at has good results, but the curriculum and the strictness and the non-existent creativity of the school is completely opposite to what I need and grew up with. I also don't relate to anyone here, although I have tried, and the travel time is ridiculous (one hour and fifty minutes there, at least two hours back). I want to move back home and to an education I can better relate to and get more out of, as would my brother. But how can we convince my mum?
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Also, the opportunities (extra curricular, social groups etc.), are extremely limited, as is public transport. It is at least four hours from the city, whereas I lived only two hours from the city previously. I have left my friends, family and boyfriend of nine months back in my hometown, and I miss them all so much, as I grew up with my friends and I see them as family. I also have to travel three hours to violin lessons where I used to travel only half an hour. I miss my friends, family, Steiner schooling, the opportunities of living closer to the city and I cannot stand the stress of living with my mother/brothers in the situation we are in with travel time etc. Please help.
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A conversation with a parent about a difficult subject sometimes isn’t an easy way to communicate because of how fast it all happens, how emotional it can get, or because you may not ever to be able to find a time where you both are open for a conversation. As a result you may want to think about writing a letter to your mom--this can be helpful for many reasons, including:

1) It gives you time to organize your thoughts
2) You may feel better simply writing the letter and getting it off your chest, even if you don’t deliver it.
3) You can re-read the entire letter and rewrite it if you want. In a conversation, once it is out, you can’t take it back.
4) You can share your entire situation and feelings without interruption.
5) You give your mom time to read, think, and respond thoughtfully.

With a letter you can let the person know how you are feeling, give them information about what is going on, and then share rationales for changing schools. You can put it in an email, a Facebook message, handwritten on a piece of paper, or printed out on the computer. Do whatever works for you.
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