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what is the correct AR level for reading  in 4th grade

how do you really know if your child is doing well and if she is at grade level with her reading  and writing  her AR level is 5.6 and she is in the 4Th grade is there a AR level she has repeated second grade twice and in 3rg grade she was at 2nd grade level so they pass her to the 4th grade level but a can see her struggles and the teacher says that she is OK but has a mother a don't feel that she is were she needs to be  what do you advise , she also
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Dec 9, 2010
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Follow your motherly instinct.  It sounds like you daughter has some learning problems.  I would make an appointment to talk to your daughter's teacher as well as the reading coach and ESE specialist.  Discuss the facts: retentions, struggling reader, etc.  Ask for her to be tested.  Chances are they will do a screening to see if further testing is needed.  If they do, then they will bring in a school phycologist to do a battery of tests to determine what exactly is the problem.  If you can afford private testing, you may want to go that route since it is faster.  Some schools can take up to a year to complete the testing a evaluation.  Most school districts will honor outside professionals' reports.  Just double check before spending the money.

Don't let it go.  Whenever you see her struggle, ask the teacher what she is doing and what you can do to help support your daughter at home.  It will need to be a team effort to get her on grade level.  Please don't panic.  I didn't really learn to read until I was in 8th grade.  But with a lot of help and support from both family and school, I was able to catch up.  And I think I turned out OK.  I'm telling you this so you don't think it is too late.

You can also look into get her a tutor.  I responded to another parent who wanted to know how to get one for her daughter.  I offered several suggestions for getting help that is paid and free.

If you have any other questions, please free to contact me directly or to pose another question to the group.

Barb K

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Karenmom writes:
Hi vavila,
Speak with her teacher about the AR level, but the way it is calculated at my school a 5.6 grade level is equal to 5th grade 6 month meaning that would be the appropriate level of a child that has been in the 5th grade for 6 months.  She is in the 4th grade, so I would say that is actually a very good AR score.  Also, I'm sure it may vary from state to state, but for our 3rd graders to be promoted to the 4th grade, they must pass the EOG tests, which indicates to me that she is performing at the appropriate level.  

Also, you noted that "the teacher says that she is OK", I believe your teacher would let you know if she had concerns about your child's performance.  As a mother, you can't help but to worry about your child's well being and education but it seems to me that she is doing just fine.

Continue to encourage her in a positive way, she may have had set backs in the past, but maybe that is why she works so hard to succeed now, you see it as a struggle, where she views it as hard work and effort.  Which is exactly what it takes to reach full potential.

I applaud your involvement and that was a really good question.  It's great that you came to for support, but relax.  Stay involved and continue to talk with the teacher to be active in your daughter's progress.  Best wishes to you both!  Keep us informed.
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