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My dad is growing and smoking cannabis and I'm not happy with it and dont know if or how to confront him. What should I do?

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Wayne Yankus
Jan 6, 2010
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A lot depends on how old you are and if mom is in the family picture.  First, tell him how you feel. You are important so just do it.  It may help to have a family member with you such as mom, sibling or grandparent.  If you have none of those, speak with a trusted adult or guidance counselor at school about your situation. Your pediatrician may also be able to help set the stage for you since she/he may know your dad. Good luck in making your point to dad. I hope he listens to your request.  Keep trying.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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GollyGeeWally writes:
If it is not affecting your fathers job or the positive attention he is giving to you then it is not really an issue. Marijuana is a lot safer than beer and other alcohol related products. It has been recognized in many medical communities to be a very positive force in pain control. American medical association for one.

For some information that isn't skewed by bad indoctrination and is based on real science visit some of the sites below:


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dkarpf writes:
I believe you should confront him in a loving way and focus upon how his behavior is effecting you. He needs to hear and understand your unhappiness with his behavior. You don't say how old you are but you are very mature and brave for wanting to deal with your dads behavior. I'm sure it cannot be easy for you. Also can you talk to your Mom about it? if not, please find a trusted family friend or counselor if your Dad does not respond positively. Make sure you talk to someone-starting with Dad. Even if Dad responds positively, your family still needs some help. Please look into counseling. My prayers are with you.
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Dr.Ganja , Student writes:
marijuana is not bad for you. his life. let him smoke!!! a joint a day keeps the doctor away! it's good for you. no damage physiologically or psychologically done at all. it's healthy and a great lifestyle choice. i hope you haven't changed his mind now that im writing in 2015 and you posted this five years ago...i also hope he taught you about ganja (marijuana, mary jane etc...) and has changed YOUR mind...lmao
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Dr.Ganja , Student writes:
here is what i told a friend who know is on my side:)

DON'T GO ! Keep reading...
pot is good.
You might ignore me or think I'm insane for saying all of this, but why don't you keep an open mind and listen rather than act bias towards this beautiful medicinal green flower, please?
I don't know where to start! Marijuana (also known as weed, pot, ganja, green, sticky icky, cannabis etc...) There is so much bias towards cannabis and many people are sadly uneducated about this plant that relieves patients and every day recreational users of any of their issues for example depression, pain, fatigue, glaucoma, may help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and IMPROVE lung health!
That's right: IMPROVE, NOT harm or cause lung cancer because people!!!It can't damage you! It saddens me deeply that people don't understand this. You're prob. thinking "wtf is wrong with this person? Who taught them this?" Simply put: me. And doctors. And millions of people living here on earth now. And living Patients. AND SCIENCE! Especially science... and research and PROVEN FACTS!

It Helps, It's Medicine:
It also helps immensely with (proven) and may even cure: Seizures, dravets syndrome, stops and even KILLS cancer cells from spreading, decreases anxiety and depression, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms, diabetes, helps slow down and even kill bad bacteria and level out the good, proven to help IQ and heal and produce more brain cells rather than kill them off..!!

Drugs More Dangerous Than Pot:
Even legal drugs like alcohol, tobacco, acetaminophen, caffeine, bitter orange, stamina rx, cough medicine, salvia, helium, paint and glue are all more harmful...
Prescription drugs more harmful than cannabis: SYNTHETIC (man made) pot, amphetamine, methadone, Valium, ketamine, OxyContin, Xanax, hydrocodone, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, Viagra, Chantix, nitrous oxide, barbiturate and basically EVERYTHING else is MUCH more dangerous than CANNABIS.

How It's Used:
There are many ways to consume marijuana...
Pipe, bong, bubbler, dab, joint, blunt, Desktop vaporizer, portable vape, candy, ice cream, baked goods, lace it in any foods really, beverages like tea, soda, alcohol, milk etc., capsules, spray, tincture (oil form).

Don't be lazy...Just do the research yourself!
1) Heavy mj use doesn't damage the brain or kill brain cells...Here's one site:
2) Myths about the plant:
3) Five amazing things you didn't know:
4) This one cracks me up, I love it: those poor monkeys dying from lack of oxygen and NOT pot...

And if your worried about the smoke part of it and still believe pot is not that good for you...well I still beg to differ....Science shows that smoking pure marijuana does NOT, that's right, DOES NOT cause lung cancer or any significant harm to lung function:

Please just research and listen...
There is still fake crap out there in the world put there by uneducated people LYING about this amazing flower!

VERY IMPORTANT: Check out marijuana at the bottom of the list...
It is said that it takes about 1500lbs of Marijuana to be consumed within 15 minutes to create a lethal response. But, uh, here's the catch, the death would most likely be from asphyxiation, not what's in the plant.

I bet you drink wine or beer, am I correct? Alcohol? Yes? Its more dangerous than cannabis:)There is no such thing as an addiction to marijuana. But there is with alcohol. And it can kill you..
Sure only 7% (I can't remember, I believe it's 7%...) of its users become mentally dependent on marijuana, but that's all. No physical addiction. People can become addicted to cheeseburgers... You don't see people complaining about making cheeseburgers illegal do you?? Should we ban them, too? I mean you see people out there abusing cheeseburgers but does that mean we should ban them, too?

Watch any of these very informational documentaries...or all of them over time:
1) "Your Body On Cannabis":

2) "Best Marijuana Documentary You Will Ever Watch!":

3) "A NORML Life" documentary:

4) "Jack Herer - Emperor Of Hemp":

You just have to research for yourself and not believe what everyone says. The government and federal agencies have been lying about pot for forever..

Keep in mind hemp and marijuana come from the same plant but are completely different! With marijuana being able to consume, get high and get medicated...Hemp produces over 100,000's of products like soaps, lotions, rope, clothing, etc..

Please read this and keep it in mind. While your son has nothing to worry about, you should be concerned with your educations on here people...Marijuana NEEDS to be DECRIMINALIZED !!!
Both medically and recreationally WORLD-WIDE
Please. I'm only trying to help.

Stories both personal and what I've heard and seen:
Miya is 17 and pot saved her from suicide
Doug is 87 and had severe back pain, now he's free
(?) developed cancer, mj helped cure their pain, nausea and lack of appetite. AND They are now free of the hospital bed...Showed in official animal studies that mj killed off most to all of the cancer cells and saved the mice.

Documentaries of true stories of SICK CHILDREN:
Charlottes Seizure Story:
Stoned Kids:

Now do y'all believe the innocent little MJ is so bad?

Don't try to help your son, lady.
Just except he is who he is.
If its for's for him. If he decides it's not anymore, then that's okay.


The only thing you have to worry about are the legal aspects of it. But screw the police am I right!? ;) yeah, mann
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