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My daughter is ADHD and she started her period for the first time a few weeks ago. Since this time she has started talking about sex alot.

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My daughter is ADHD and she started her period for the first time a few weeks ago. Since this time she has started talking about sex alot and about babies. We know that she is not having sex (thank goodness) however she is not talking to us about it I have noticed she is trying to get on adult websites how ever she can not because of control settings on the computer and I see it in the history. I have changed passwords where she can not hop on the computer whenever she wants to. She did start Jr. High this year and she rides the buse with Jr. High and High School students so I am sure she hears ALOT of it on the bus. When asking her about this she tells  stories to me and tells me it is not her and when I tell her if she has any questions to please ask she says she don't. I am concerened that she is not talking to the right people about this. SHe tells stories to me about alot of things so there is a trust issue between us she has always told stories so it is hard to believe what she is saying is the truth. We do argue alot and we do not have the best relationship. I want to improve that and I have told her I was us to work on that. She says she does to but the attitude and the story telling is still happening. I am almost ready to throw the towel in. Please help my daughter and I get on the right track before it is to late. Any advise would be helpful and greatly appreciated.
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May 3, 2010
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk,

It would seem that now would be a good time to have  a private and honest conversation with your daughter about her body and sexual behavior.  I would have this be a casual conversation in which you give her factual information and answer her questions openly.  If you feel as a parent, uncomfortable you can ask the school nurse to assist you or the school guidance counselor, perhaps.  There is no shame in asking for help.

Also, note that there are some great books that I recommend:

The American Girl doll and book company makes a great read called the "Care and Keeping of You- The Body Book for Girls" which discusses body awareness when a girl is through her tween and teen changes. It is an easy read and will be engaging to your daughter, especially since she may have difficulty attending.  You also can read this together.

Annie Fox, is the author of a great set of tween and teen reads which helps to put what your daughter might be feeling in to perspective - The Middle School Confidential Series is a host of books that she has written that are very visually attractive and chocked full of great information.

"Dear God It's Me Margaret" is a very famous and often cited book about girls becoming women and is written by Judy Blume.

In addition,  If you go to  your daughter can ask any questions she wishes on the Ask TERRA portion of the website.

You as a parent also can access parent information there, too. And by all means continue to look around on for information that you seek.

I wish you and your daughter well.  I know that you mentioned she is ADHD, however note that tweens and teens ALL of have questions about this stage of their lives.

I commend you for asking us to help you!!

Good luck-

Louise Masin Sattler, NCSP
Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Owner of Signing Families™  (
Host of Learning and Laughter with Louise  (

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