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Is is possible for my daughter to attend Edmondson Westside High School?

"My child is far into the school year and she is very interested in attending Edmondson Westside High School. Is it possible that she can be placed there for her 11th grade year? What do I do?"

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dgraab , Parent writes:
I would contact the school and/or school district to find out enrollment requirements (and obtain forms).

If you are referring to the Edmondson Westside High School in Baltimore, here is the school's page in SchoolFinder:

On this page above, you'll find their phone number and address, as well a positive community review from another parent who had a child who attended the school.

Here is info about the school district:

I'm also including below a link to The Parent's Guide to High School, which has a variety of articles that may be of interest to you and your family.

Good luck -- I hope your daughter enjoys the remainder of her high school years!

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