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What is our daughter expected to know before going to the first day of kindergarten? Where do we go to test her readiness for starting school?

"We are attempting to prepare our four-year-old daughter for kindergarten. What and where can I find what she is expected to know before going to class the first day? She is currently in Young 4s, and next year she has been enrolled for Pre-K (Sep, 2010). Also, which Government or Private (valid) offices we should contact who undertakes such tests to check the readiness of student? We would appreciate your response on above two questions. Thank you."

Asked by Sunny via email.

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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi Sunny, Congrats on this upcoming special milestone in your daughter's education!

Here is a checklist you may find helpful...

What Your Child Should Know and Be Able to Do Upon Entering Kindergarten:

You'll find many more articles on "kindergarten readiness" here:

You may also want to review The Parent's Guide to Kindergarten:

As a mom, what I didn't expect (or thought I could avoid) was sobbing that first day of kindergarten, as the realization hit me that 'my baby' was suddenly now a school-aged child on the fast track to growing up! Bring tissue!

And thanks for asking!
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